North East PA Wineries

One of the things North East PA is known for is grapes and as you’d imagine with grapes come wineries – and some great wine at that! There are plenty of wineries in a small radius surrounding the town, which makes visiting them very easy. You should be able to taste a wide variety of wines among the many wineries found here. Depending on the time of year you may even get a chance to have a personal tour of the winery.

Wineries and Making Wine

Some might say that making wine is simple, but those who enjoy and know wine also know that making wine is an art. Each of the wineries has its own specialty and perhaps their own special wine. One of the most unique wines you’ll find here is ice wine, which is made from grapes pulled after the first frost. Ice wine is very sweet and is perfect for dessert, but not all of the wineries here make it.

Wineries and Grapes

There are quite a variety of grapes that are grown here and each type of grape lends itself to specific types of wine. The wineries pick grapes based on many criteria that we won’t get into here, but be sure to ask them when visiting the local winery. There are actually quite an abundance of concord grapes, which is why there’s a Welch’s factory here in the heart of North East PA. In fact, Alton Brown (a chef and celeb on Good Eats) did an ad for Welch’s from one of the farms in North East PA. Take a look at our hotel suggestions to make your travels and stay here easier…

Although you may be here for the beaches or excellent fishing, you’ll want to be sure that you visit most or all of the wineries!